Coffee Culture – Freo Style

Now, I know this is dangerous territory to enter upon, that is, defining, or attempting to define, Fremantle’s coffee culture.
Old Papa’s and Papa Luigi’s – gone but not forgotten – are usually credited with getting coffee into our blood. Gino’s, is also right up there.
But, as I can attest from my fieldwork, it doesn’t much matter where you start your research around Freo – at the beginning of High Street, near the Roundhouse; all the way through the Cappuccino Strip; onwards along South Terrace past Wray Avenue; or winding up on the strip between South Street and Douro Road – there are great coffee places regularly punctuating your walk, ride or drive.
Everyone it seems has their favourite coffee place and their favourite coffee style.
Me? Over the years, I’ve tried all styles, pretty much, and have recently returned to the humble latte. With cows’ milk!
What the Shipping News has been keen to find out though, is just how Freo People more generally like their coffee. What their habits are. And whether they are changing.
And just what, if anything, is the difference between a flat white, a cappuccino and a latte. (Answer: It’s all in the treatment of the milk.)
And what of the ‘macchiato topped up’ – is it for real?
And what’s all this business with ‘the milks that aren’t milks’ – soy, almond, coconut, oat?
And cold-pressed coffee?
And are there rules about when you can consume coffee – is there an after 12 noon rule?
To help us through these dilemmas, I caught up with Ollie, who runs a charming little coffee shop called Threeo, to be found at 244 South Terrace, South Fremantle – just south of South Street at the corner of Gold. Ollie confirmed my suspicion that people and their coffee are a bit like people and their dogs – there is a something special for each of us!
Listen here to Ollie’s take on these burning, if not existential, issues!
Let’s know what you think!