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Friday on my mind – Vaudeville, COVID-19, Highway To Hell
So, I’m thinking it’s time to ‘throw the switch to vaudeville’, as the anything-but-People’s PM Paul Keating more than occasionally…
Labor’s climate policy is too little, too late. We must run faster to win the race
Professor Will Steffen draws attention to the concept of a ‘carbon budget’ to guide carbon emissions control action in Australia and elsewhere.
Don’t Miss The Diver – Best Australian Short Film Winner, At Flickerfest Thursday night
Michael Leonard and Jamie Helmer, the brains and braun behind the film production company, Golden Moss Films, are short film…
Looking for love on a dating app? You might be falling for a ghost
The Shipping News has it on good authority that dating apps are very widely used and not to be scoffed at. But are we Freo Folk who use them actually meeting real people, or only figments of our own imaginations?
From The Terrace – Arty Tarty
From The Terrace is a regular column taking a light look at Fremantle life through the eyes of a semi-fictional quintet who meet weekly at a café and pontificate about an array of subjects.
Friday on my mind – Coronavirus, Cruise Ships & The Blue Planet
Oh my! Until a relatively few short weeks ago, only infectious disease researchers were familiar with the word ‘Coronavirus’. Now we all are.
Underneath view of aeroplane taking off
Major airlines say they’re acting on climate change. Research reveals how little they’ve achieved
We recently mentioned measuring your personal carbon footprint. It became clear that for those who fly regularly, flying is an overwhelming contributor. The question is, what can airlines do to reduce carbon emissions, and what are they doing?
Sunday, Sunday, a busy Port
Our busy Port guy, David Smyth, with camera in one hand and wine glass in the other, was at Food…
Hungry Sundays at the Port
Well, it’s been happening at the Port and it’s happening again over each of the next two Sundays. The first…

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