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John Henderson No. 1623
My interest in convicts and transportation to Western Australia began with the discovery that my great, great, grandfather, John Henderson,…
Thrash not trash 🤘: why heavy metal is a valid and vital PhD subject
At first glance, heavy metal music and academia seem like odd bedfellows. The former is often looked on with a…
1 in 5 Australians is a victim of ‘revenge porn’, despite new laws to prevent it
New research has found that young women, Indigenous Australians and people with disabilities are the most frequent victims of 'revenge porn.'
What’s not to like? Instagram’s trial to hide the number of ‘likes’ could save users’ self-esteem
Instagram's experimental move to hide the 'like' count on social media postings could lighten the mental strain for many users - or simply turn comments into the new likes.
Dog Exercises – Or Human Exercises With Dog
Near South Beach and Port and Leighton Beaches there are wonderful beaches where dogs can exercise. At most times of…
Readers’ Views On Fences – Do Fence Me In!
We recently posted an interesting take on the anti social nature of Fences in residential areas and invited the comments…
Saving Aussie Books – And Authors
Don't forget, if you are a Freo author or publisher, you may qualify for payments from the Commonwealth Government if…
At last – Construction starts on Fremantle Line bike path extension
Work to extend the Fremantle Line Principal Shared Path (PSP) from Grant Street Station to Victoria Street Station, Cottesloe started earlier in…
Regardless of what the Federal Court says, you shouldn’t put ‘flushable’ wipes down the loo
Flushable wipes have won a victory in the Federal Court, but you still shouldn't put them down the toilet.

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