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Is your coffee order sustainable?
Freo has its own coffee culture. No doubt about it. One question lingers, with the coffee flavours, though - How sustainable is our coffee culture?
Lucky By The Ocean – Wednesday Night Sundowners at Kidogo Arthouse
Fresh from launching his album of Hank Williams songs recorded with Paul Kelly, Vika and Linda, Tex Perkins, Kasey and…
Going Organic, Getting Organic
If you love food and want to find good, fresh ‘organic’ food in and around Fremantle, at a good price,…
Coffee Culture – Freo Style
Now, I know this is dangerous territory to enter upon, that is, defining, or attempting to define, Fremantle’s coffee culture.…
Standing Wave – Fremantle Biennale 2020
Many will have previously been on a guided tour of the decommissioned HMAS Ovens, an Oberon class submarine from the…
Waterlicht – The Opening of Fremantle Biennale 2020
Wow, what an opening to the Biennale! Studio Roosegaarde, from The Netherlands, has, over Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, presented a large-scale light installation illustrating the universal power and poetry of water.
Finding Quiet Places – Starting a Sound Insurrection!
I’m wondering whether I’m alone? It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m walking down a public street, parked in my…
The ACCC is suing Google over tracking users. Here’s why it matters
Regulators are beginning to tackle big tech companies' hidden use of consumer data
Invisible Boys – Book Review
I interviewed Holden Sheppard, the author of this first novel recently published by Fremantle Press, nearly a year ago, at…

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