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Yes, latex gloves can be part of a healthy relationship: busting the myths around sexual fetishism
People with fetishes have a sexual attraction to inanimate, non-living objects or non-genital body parts. Any body part can become…
Here’s what you can eat and avoid to reduce your risk of bowel cancer
Bowel cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Australia, and some cases could potentially be avoided. Here's how.
One skill that doesn’t deteriorate with age
So, don’t give up on your literary aspirations yet!
The government has released its draft religious discrimination bill. How will it work?
Given the unique aspects of the proposed bill, there should be a longer consultation period to examine why religious freedoms should be prioritised over other freedoms.
The Amazon is on fire – here are 5 things you need to know
The Amazon is burning at record levels, and land clearing is to blame. The good news: we already know what we need to do to stop it.
Tony and the pig fat
I met Tony, some moons ago, when I lived aboard an old wooden boat in the Fishing Boat Harbour. ‘Nikki’ was built in 1963, by the Sambrailo bothers, in Mews Road and spent most of her working life fishing around Jurien Bay.
Amazing – Corporate America Votes To Upturn What They Teach You At Harvard Business School!
As reported by The New York Times, on Monday this week, nearly 200 CEOs in the US, including the leaders…
George Pell has lost his appeal. What did the court decide and what happens now?
By a majority of two to one, the Court of Appeal has dismissed Pell's case, because it found guilty verdicts were open to the jury.
The Case For Poetry: Dante’s INFERNO
“Midway through the journey of my life I found myself lost in a dark forest, Having wandered off the main…

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