Don’t shut off 120 years of South Mole access – Letter to the Editor

Yesterday we posted an editorial South Mole – When will We the People see her again? which has a strong response. Here’s a Letter to the Editor from Freo local Peter Newman

Dear Editor,

You are spot on. It’s again time to remind the Port of Fremantle that it is part of Fremantle, and the Port is not just a place for commerce.

Its history was much more open as old photos show with so many people fishing there or just enjoying the ambience.

The book ‘Wharf Rats’ is about kids in Fremantle who scavenged food on the wharf that fell off ships in the unloading process.

I enjoyed seeing the vehicles of visitors camped on the mole, until they ruined it for themselves by anti-social behaviour.

Perhaps we need to provide a space for visiting car-campers as there are increasing numbers living like that during our housing crisis. A good state and local government would find a site on vacant land owned by the state government and set it up for temporary help.

But don’t ruin our port access simply by a barbed wire gate shutting off 120 years of historic access.

Peter Newman, Fremantle (address supplied)


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