QM2 flees the Freo heat in dead of night!

While Freo folk lined Victoria Quay Saturday night to catch a glimpse of the Queen as she paraded in the Inner Harbour, and others did likewise all along the watchtower to South Mole, Queen Mary 2 made a dash for open waters and Adelaide to avoid the 43 degrees C that has been predicted to hit Fremantle today, Sunday!

Here’s the Queen as she departed Victoria Quay just after 8 o’clock last night, as captured by Jean Hudson.

And here’s the Queen as she rounded South Mole, as captured by Deanna Shanahan.

FSN’s Editor, Michael Barker, was at Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach enjoying the 80th birthday celebrations of a long time Fremantle and Paris lover when the Queen sidled by acknowledging the presence of another!

What a night. Now for the day!


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