Welcome Back Leeuwin!

By Deanna Shanahan

Last Friday, on a glorious blue sky winter’s day, the Leeuwin arrived ‘home’ from a lengthy stay up at Monkey Mia, where she had been chartered by Christchurch Grammar School for a few weeks as part of their Outdoor Education Program.

The return voyage from Geraldton to Fremantle was full of trainees most of whom had previously been on a voyage.

The trainees on board are ‘rated’ for their leadership qualities.

Two students who had not previously been on the Leeuwin were the winners of the Kwinana Industry Council (KIC) iMan and iWomen full scholarships for High School students.

KIC i Projects has been developed to promote career pathways into industry. They also sponsor a student to take part in the Ultimate Challenge Voyage for students in the iDiversity KIC program.

Students in years 10-12 who participate in a voyage, may earn recognition in the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) or the WA Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA) towards Graduation, as the voyage has been endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

University students can also record their community service voyage hours on their University transcript.

The refit of the Leeuwin is due to commence next week, where volunteers and students who are undertaking workplace learning will come together for the annual maintenance of the vessel.

There is always a great sense of fun and camaraderie down at the Port when the maintenance is underway.

It is lovely to see the Leeuwin back in Port in all her beauty. Welcome back, Leeuwin!