Contemporary Life Support Systems: Freo’s Trio

In the very heart of Fremantle, where Newman Court meets Tidal Lane just off Walyalup Koort, a mysterious symbol of these times has appeared.

Following the likes of Stonehenge, the ancient Pyramids of Egypt, and the buildings of the Incas at Machu Picchu, Peru, Freo’s Trio have suddenly arrived on the scene.

On 2 February 2023, these white statues sitting alongside each other on a bench appeared.

Bleached pure white they are thought to be a symbol of the ghosts now occupying streets all over the globe. Robotic creatures, all holding tiny mobile phones that clearly have some mysterious hypnotic, trance like, powers.

Freo’s Trio represent the outcome of time spent in a transfixed trance, wandering the streets staring into a tiny screen no matter what the physical circumstances of the spaces they are walking through. Blistering heat, driving freezing rain or gusts of wind strong enough to lift umbrellas into the air. None of these conditions make one iota of difference. The power of the screen reigns supreme.

* By Lindsay Fitzclarence


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