The Rock Pool Art Exhibition – Interview with Kieron Broadhurst

You won’t want to miss the art exhibition with the enticing tag The Rock Pool opening this Saturday evening at ArtSource – The Artists’ Foundation of WA – in the Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle.

In essence, The Rock Pool is a large-scale recreation of an imagined defunct commune, pieced together by artists Kieron Broadhurst, Jess Day, Pascale Giorgi, Jessee Lee Johns, Oliver Hull, and Jack Wansborough.

Fragments of the lost society spiral out from the installation’s central rock pool, as the replica tries to imagine what the tides of times have washed away.

The exhibition also features a Dinner on the evening of 18 February, which we are pleased to say is SOLD OUT!

The Rock Pool is a lot of fun.

Kieron Broadhurst kindly agreed to meet with our editor, Michael Barker, to make a podcast below about the exhibition, the inspiration behind it, the successful collaboration of the six artists who made it, and Utopia.

Exhibition Details

Opening: 11 February, 6pm
Runs: 12 – 26 February
Place: Old Customs House,
8 Phillimore St, Fremantle

* This project has been supported by Artsource


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Here’s the podcast. Enjoy!