Covid Affected QE Returns to Freo Missing Bali

News has just broken that the Queen Elizabeth Cunard cruise liner, that departed Fremantle on 7 November 2022 bound for Sydney and eventually Bali, before departing Bali this week on a 17-day return voyage to Fremantle, has now left its last port of call, Darwin, and is steaming directly for Freo with a contingent of Covid affected passengers and crew on board.

Here’s the QE’s position a little while ago.

Credit Marine Traffic

It seems Covid has broken out on board, with reports suggesting upward of 10% of the vessels’ complement of passengers and crew are affected.

It is unclear whether the Indonesian health authorities, or Cunard’s own protocols, or both have led to this change of sailing plans.

The QE is due to arrive in Freo on ‘Wednesday’, although just when on Wednesday isn’t clear. One shipping site has estimated her arriving under the cover of darkness at 2.30 am Wednesday morning.

Here’s the QE when she departed Fremantle on 7 November at around 10 pm.

Credit Deanna Shanahan

So far as passenger and crew disembarkation in Fremantle is concerned, we understand Fremantle Ports, who have successfully managed the transfer of passengers off ships with Covid before, are comfortable at this stage with the arrangements for the arrival of QE, and indeed other cruise ships due in Fremantle this week.

* By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News with additional information supplied by Jean Hudson, our Shipping Correspondent


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