Hallelujah! Freo’s EV Drivers Soon To Be Less Anxious

Freo’s many EV drivers will be rejoicing at today’s news from the State Government that Western Australia’s EV fast charging network is soon to take a major step forward.

The McGowan Government today announced it had awarded JET Charge the contract to provide 98 EV chargers at 49 locations around the State – creating the world’s longest continuously connected electric highway.

The State Government is delivering the highway through Synergy and Horizon Power, with the $4.1 million project to extend more than 6,600 kilometres.

WA’s EV fast charging network will stretch from Kununurra in the north, to Esperance in the south, and east to Eucla.

Here’s the map with the locations.

Each location will have both a standard and fast charger. The fast chargers, which are up to 150 kilowatt DC, will allow drivers to top up their EVs in as little as 15 minutes.

The first charging station is expected to be installed in November this year, with the network to be fully operational by 2024.

EV owners will easily be able to travel the State along these routes, with the average distance between charging stations less than 200 kilometres.

Australian company JET Charge is a market leader in installing and sourcing high-quality chargers and hardware to support and accelerate the growth of EVs.

This project is part of the State Government’s $43.5 million investment to boost EV charging infrastructure around the State.

The Premier Mark McGowan said:

“WA’s EV fast charging network is an important step to boost our uptake of electric vehicles, enabling drivers to travel the vast distances around the State more easily.

“This will help to reduce carbon emissions, as WA transitions to net zero by 2050.

“When completed, WA’s EV fast charging network will be the world’s longest of its kind – with construction well underway and expected to be completed by early 2024.”

Energy Minister Bill Johnston added that:

“The McGowan Government is supporting the rapid uptake of electric vehicles and ensuring our electricity system remains secure and reliable.

“When the project is complete, there will be charging stations averaging less than 200 kilometres apart, ensuring EV owners can explore our amazing state without any range anxiety.

“With an office in Western Australia, JET Charge is a well-known Australian company and considered experts in the growth area of EVs.”

Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby agreed:

“The EV fast charging network will help to reduce Western Australia’s overall emissions, as we work to achieve net zero by 2050.

“An electric vehicle charged using the State’s main electricity grid will generate 30 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional petrol vehicle.

“WA’s EV fast charging network is just one of the many initiatives the State Government is undertaking to deliver a cleaner energy future and combat climate change.”

JET Charge Chief Executive Officer Tim Washington explained that:

“We started JET Charge almost a decade ago to accelerate the transition to low emissions vehicles in Australia by breaking down the barriers to electric vehicle charging.

“JET Charge are so proud to be involved with a landmark EV charging network that features a lot of Australian made innovation, and will absolutely smash those barriers allowing people to drive EVs all over the great State of Western Australia.”

Good news for sure!

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