So, How Has Your House Value Fared Over The Past 12 Months?

So, what’s your property worth?

REIWA has just shared a report on house values around Perth Metro area.


Here’s a range of suburbs in and around Fremantle, in alphabetical order, showing the suburb, the median* value of properties in the suburb, and the percentage increase over the past 12 months.

Beaconsfield $840,000 13.50
Bicton $1,280,000 37.90
Coogee $832,500 6.70
Coolbellup $515,000 21.50
East Fremantle $1,300,000 8.30
Fremantle $952,500 22.00
Hamilton Hill $561,250 24.70
Hilton $632,500 14.00
North Fremantle $1,250,000 6.40
O’Connor $598,000 8.70
Palmyra $730,000 15.00
Samson $610,000 6.10
South Fremantle $1,225,000 15.80
White Gum Valley $850,000 15.60

Always interesting reading!

* Remember that Median is a statistical measure that determines the middle value of a dataset listed in ascending order (i.e., from smallest to largest value). The measure divides the lower half from the higher half of the dataset. Along with mean and mode, median is a measure of central tendency. So in this case, if there were 5 sales in suburb x in the past 12 months, being $200,000, $300,000, $400,000, $500,000, $600,000, the median value of a property in suburb x would be $400,000.

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