They made it! – Rottnest Channel Swim 2022

They made it – well mostly they did.

The 32nd annual South 32 Rottnest Channel Swim took place on 26 February.

2,600 swimmers tackled the 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe to Rottnest Island. Conditions were challenging with strong southerly winds gusting up to 69kms and strong currents moving in a northerly direction.

Each swimmer must have a paddler and a boat with a skipper and crew. The huge flotilla of craft was quite a spectacle both from the ferry to the island and then as it neared the island. There were solos, duos and teams of swimmers.

It was a tough race and some didn’t make it. It was the closest finish ever – and a sprint to the end.

Kyle Lee was first to cross the line with a time of 4.05.19, closely followed twelve seconds later by Reilly Kennedy.

The first female over the line was Chloe Truscott with a time of 4.42.43.

While not record times, they were brilliant times in the conditions.

Thousands of supporters flocked to the island to cheer the swimmers as they reached the shore and ran up a ramp to the finish.

The Shipping News were also on hand on Rottnest Island to capture some of the action and emotional finishes.

Congratulations to all competitors for braving this open water swim.

* Words and pictures by Jean Hudson

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