Check your speed!

Just love these devices, which are now to be discovered around Freo streets.

You can see if your vehicle’s speedo is roughly correct.

And of course slow down where appropriate.

When we say ‘vehicle’ of course we include e-skateboards and e-scooters.

Funded as a road safety initiative the devices will be used for education and safe speed promotion in the community. The devices will be installed on a 3-6 month rotation at different locations across the Fremantle road network to maximise their effectiveness.

The first locations are in Marine Terrace, Freo and Chester Street, South Freo.

You need to crane your neck however to see the speed display, it’s so high up. Ok if you’re in a low flying UFO – as some drivers often are on Marine Terrace – but not so on the scooter!

The City plans to engage with local residents on future locations.

Apply for one to go in near you now!

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