Witches, zombies, ghosts, and ghouls galore!

Words and photographs by Brett Leigh Dicks

While there were far more treats than tricks haunting the streets of Fremantle this Halloween, the artifice for all concerned on Sunday evening was to get in early.

Under a setting sun the city’s neighbourhoods became awash with witches, zombies, ghosts, and ghouls all converging on impressively decorated residences to swap jokes for handfuls of candy.

The side streets of South Fremantle proved to be a particular favourite amongst the dead and undead alike with one home on Attfield Street becoming the talk of the town. Upon delivering a joke at the gate unsuspecting participants were ushered through a frightening garden frolic complete with a grim cast of characters suddenly emerging from the shrubbery to scare the trespassers every turn.

The street outside the house proved the perfect vantage point to watch an impressive procession of ghastly oddballs. Halloween is not Halloween without a plethora of witches, Ghostfaces, and Jasons and there was of course the obligatory Princess Leia. While there was also no shortage of zombies wandering the streets, in this year’s popularity stakes, Pennywise seemed to have given way to inflatable alien pick-me-ups – one even flying through the streets on a skateboard.

Despite an array of exceedingly well thought out costumes, the standout regalia of the night in this local precinct was without question the deceased Karen that wandered the streets in her zombified state. Adorned in a black dress, her pasty white skin dramatically reinforced her dark set eyes and cold blue lips while a sign hanging around the neck of the deceased poignantly read “I did my own research online.” Always a fatal flaw, to be sure.

Here’s what you may have missed.

* This article was written by Brett Leigh Dicks and the photographs are his too.