What’s In A (Boat’s) Name?

We often marvel at the strange and wonderful names horses race under, but what about the names pleasure craft, and sailing vessels, and yachts sail under?

Wandering around the three small Freo harbours recently – Challenger, Fishing Boat, and Success – I discovered a wonderful array of names such craft have been given.

Makes you contemplate their origins, their inspirations, and whether some have caused the odd raised eyebrow!

Here are some of the names of the lovely craft to be admired locally.

Uno Mas – a sailing vessel
Magical Miss – a pleasure craft
Kayla Lee – a pleasure craft
Pug Wash – a pleasure craft
Norma – a pleasure craft
Ningaloo – a pleasure craft
Yolo – a yacht
Le Bateau – a pleasure craft
Tigress – a sailing vessel
Tigerland – a pleasure craft
Mistress – a pleasure craft
Azura – a pleasure craft
Kita – a sailing vessel
Supa Star – a pleasure craft
Cadence – a sailing vessel
Wesco – a sailing vessel
Kind Of Blue – a sailing vessel
Nauticat – a sailing vessel
Sue Sea – a sailing vessel
Sea Drive – a sailing vessel
Nautica – a pleasure craft.

They make you wonder as well what personalised number plates the owners of some of these boats may have attached to their cars?

All rather poetic in their own ways, no doubt!

This article was written by Michael Barker