Poets Paddock – Mike Greenacre

Welcome to our Poets Paddock feature on the Shipping News.

Too often, it seems, poets are relegated to a Corner in the mainstream media. We think they should be out grazing in a Paddock – in a wider expanse where we can all see and hear their work. Mind you, Homer seems to have broken through the publicity barrier with The Odyssey!

And to be fair, poets, as a group, are not entirely the self-effacing, hiding-their-lights-under-bushels types you might think. You don’t have to look too far to find them at work here and there around the greater metropolis of Perth. As it should be!

Just the same, it’s good to shine a light on what our poets are up to. The latest fashions in poetry. The old, the new. The short, the long. That composed for a fireside read, that made for stand-up delivery. That designed to mend a broken heart, that designed to mend the environment.

Our featured poets to date have included Veronica Lake, Peter Burges, Natalie D-Napoleon, Daphne Milne and Kevin Gillam. To find them all, simply type Poets Paddock into our Search function.

Mike Greenacre, like so many poets it seems, has had a life attending to many other things but early on found creative release in acting, playing guitar, and writing poetry.

Mike Greenacre

Having migrated to Australia from the UK as a small child, with his family, he found his way into teaching with stints in places as far afield from Perth, and from each other, as Kununurra and Norseman, before returning to the big smoke.

As a teacher, Mike inspired primary school kids to write poetry too.

He pursued his own writing life under the guidance of such persons as Elizabeth Jolley.

Mike has now published three books of poetry, the first two being Kimberley Man in 2002 and Beacon Breaker in 2010, which included poems drawn from his first teaching experiences in Kununurra and Norseman.

Mike’s third collection of poetry Nocturnal House was published recently by Ginninderra Press in December 2020.

Mike’s work has been recognised with a number of awards and commendations.

In particular, Mike’s poem ‘Missing Pieces’ won First Prize in the 2019 Tom Collins National Poetry Prize.

This poem and other prize winning poems have all found there way into Nocturnal House.

You can buy your copies of Nocturnal House from –
* Ginninderra Press
* New Edition Bookshop, Fremantle
* Fremantle Arts Centre
* Crow Books, Victoria Park.
* Rochford Street Press
* Book Depository Australia
* Amazon.

Mike Greenacre recently kindly agreed to be interviewed by the editor of Fremantle Shipping News, Michael Barker, about his life as a poet.

Here’s the podcast interview for your enjoyment.