Flotsam and Jetsam Bubble To The Top at Third Wheel

Deanna Shanahan – the Shipping News’ head photographer – and Maria Wilson, who are together well-known around the Port of Fremantle as ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’, have just opened a fabulous exhibition of their works at Third Wheel Cafe, 408 South Terrace, South Fremantle – right near the intersection with Douro Road.

Between the two of them, Deanna and Maria have turned the Port, and what happens there, into an art form – as the accompanying selection of photographs from the exhibition shows. Such vibrancy, colour and perspectives.
The exhibition has cleverly been titled, ‘Un momento per favore’. It could well be a reference to those moments when Deanna and Maria capture the iconic scenes and perspectives that appear in this exhibition, or it could be a reference to that preceding moment when they turn to a subject and invite it, her, him, in effect, to stand to attention. Or both.
When we, the the otherwise distracted citizens of Fremantle, are too busy doing other, non-photographic things, it is good to know that Deanna and Maria are out and about in our City, on their trusty e-bikes, training their eyes to the left and right, this way and that way, up and down, taking in and capturing all sorts of unusual views and perspectives for our benefit. In effect, they are our eyes on Freo.
One of their followers have this to say about their works on show in the exhibition –

 ‘Floating and weightless, without aim or direction we are helplessly swept by tide and current until eventually washed ashore.  Freshly grounded, found and repurposed a new life begins.  For Deanna Shanahan and Maria Wilson their journey together as ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ began by the sea in Fremantle.  A shared love of light and the desire to depict and reflect upon the lives of those who live by the port is their inspiration and muse.

‘Each image liberates a moment giving it a life beyond its “becoming and happening”. Investigating shape and form within architectural and marine landscapes provides a novel and fascinating potpourri.  Shape-shifting with shamaan-like dexterity the lens provides a beguiling account of contemporary structure.  Inevitably these intrepid artists contribute their own unique viewpoint whilst portraying the familiar images of port, city, beach and community in sharp resolution under the pellucid antipodean sunlight.’
Get along to the exhibition soon. You will feel the love!
Enjoy it over a coffee or two.
It opens 24 January 2020, and runs at Third Wheel for the next six weeks.