Dog Exercises – Or Human Exercises With Dog

Near South Beach and Port and Leighton Beaches there are wonderful beaches where dogs can exercise. At most times of the day, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and their often matching owners and exercisers, can be found exercising up and down the beaches. If you happen to be a dog-less walker or swimmer who strays into these dog beach areas, you need to be on guard not to be knocked over by the more rambunctious of our canine friends.

Taking your dog to the beach is not of course the only way to exercise your dog, as good as it is. There is also running, hiking, catch and frisbee games, and agility sports.

We have just come across an interest article suggesting the exercises best suited to your dog, if not to you the owner or exerciser! Have a read here –  Let us know what you do with your puppy.

According to our New Zealand friends at Your Dog Adviser, it seems –

*running is best for large hunting/work breeds such as huskies, Weimaraners and Border Collies (they are naturally suited to running, as they have longer legs, great stamina, and the proper snout length to make heavy breathing easier);

* hiking is best for Terriers (and any mixed dog with a bit of terrier in him) because they have boundless energy and hiking can be the perfect way to tire them out; working breeds that are always curious, such as Lab/Retrievers and Australian Cattle dogs;
*catch and frisbee is best for lean medium-size dogs such as Border collies (they have the right leg length, are built for power jumping and never seem to run out of energy);
*agility competitions are best for working, medium-size breeds such as Border collies, Australian shepherds, and standard poodles (these are full-of-energy breeds that love completing tasks and pleasing their owners); and
*swimming is best for large Hunting / Work Breeds.
You won’t have missed that Border collies are suited to most forms of exercise!