South Terrace Upgrade – by Christmas?

Just prior to Christmas 2017, the City of Fremantle approved the upgrade of South Terrace where it meets Little Lefroy Street in South Fremantle.

That intersection has been a dangerous one for some years, putting pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles in regular contest for the road in that busy daytime and nighttime area.

The Council published the piece that appears below.

The finished works are meant to look just like the image shown.

The job isn’t yet finished.

The question is, when will it be?

By the look of it, just the flash road painting is required to complete the job.

Until the painted portions are added, the design concept is likely to be only partially successful in slowing down all concerned. At present all we have is some new road, but nothing else.

Let’s hope it’s all done soon, and in any event by the time Christmas 2018 rolls around.

You can learn more at the link below: