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What’s happening here?
The jury perhaps is still out. Some will like the outcome, some will not. We are talking about the restoration of what is now the home of the Mediterranean Shipping Company at the corner of Cliff and Phillimore Streets.
Interview with Len Collard
Len Collard shares something of his life story, his work as an academic at UWA, and his outlook as a Noongar man in the early 21st century.
Interview with Bill Samson
Bill Samson kindly agreed to speak with FSN and reflect on the family story and how he envisages Fremantle's present and future.
Interview with Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt
Dr Brad Pettitt, our very energetic and youthful Mayor, outlines his vision for Fremantle, and confides something of himself and how he came to seek election to the Fremantle City Council.
It's no joke, We're in more trouble, Than Ned Kelly, And not an iron mask in sight.
The Uthando Project: Touching hearts, bringing play to life
Each year hundreds of dolls are made by volunteers in fremantle and shipped to the Port of Durban, Natal.
Seen eating on the streets
Takeaway burgers, South Freo Farmers Market, Moore & Moore.. and more!
Crest-risen in the Supreme Court
Fremantle artists Trish Bygott and Nathan Crotty bid for and won the highly competitive tender to produce the State of WA’s Coat of Arms.
Hugh Mackay: the state of the nation starts in your street
People who live in Fremantle and visit Fremantle get it, that the city, all the wards, all the suburbs, are a network of communities.
Seen on High St
Just another sunny morning on Fremantle's High Street.