Architecture + Urban Design

3D concrete printing could free the world from boring buildings
Do we spend enough creative energy on good design? This article suggests architects may soon get the tools to become even more creative.
What’s happening here?
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole!…
South Terrace Upgrade – by Christmas?
Just prior to Christmas 2017, the City of Fremantle approved the upgrade of South Terrace where it meets Little Lefroy…
Creating the Illusion of Space
Live in a small place? Here are an interior designer’s tips to create the illusion of space.
Reimagining (a humpless) South Terrace
We can't say that we, at FSN, love speed humps, but we do love that the recently installed speed humps in South Terrace have got us talking about them.
Sasha Ivanovic, prominent Fremantle architect, addresses the FLOWS, CONTAINERS, AND TERRAINE VAGUE of Fremantle in this wonderfully personal account of what makes Fremantle such a wondrous place and space for him.
Places and spaces
Well known architect and Fremantle resident for four decades, Richard Longley, identifies some of his favourite places and spaces in Fremantle.
What’s happening here?
The jury perhaps is still out. Some will like the outcome, some will not. We are talking about the restoration of what is now the home of the Mediterranean Shipping Company at the corner of Cliff and Phillimore Streets.
Interview with Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt
Dr Brad Pettitt, our very energetic and youthful Mayor, outlines his vision for Fremantle, and confides something of himself and how he came to seek election to the Fremantle City Council.