Strange but true – Photographs taken with film are NOT DEAD YET

Here’s an exhibition of new photography not just for old folk who remember toiling with film long before things went digital, but also for the digitally savvy younger ones who might like to excavate and discover just how they did it in the olden days.

The exhibition featuring artists still working with film opens just after Easter at EarlyWork Gallery, The Old Biscuit Factory, South Terrace,South Fremantle on Thursday 4 April at 6pm.

There will also be an artist talk at 2pm on Sunday the 7th explaining how they do it!

NOT DEAD YET is the apt title of the exhibition of film photography, an old and supposedly outmoded media – or is there life still in its slow, costly and temperamental set of processes?

Self described as ‘Reactionary, subversive, curious or self-assured’, the eight artists whose work is shown in the exhibition give distinct and personal responses to the question. Less a statement on what the future holds than on what it could, if we approached things differently, the artists say.

The exhibiting artists are: John Austin, Dan Bruyn, Rob Frith, Melissa McDougall, Mark Roy, Jessica Schwientek, Cim Sears, John Toohey and Neil Wallace.

The exhibition challenges any ideas you may be harbouring that film is a dead medium.

Get along!


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