Update on MV Bahijah & other livestock vessels

On Wednesday just gone, 14 February 2024, the Federal Ag Department issued what we suspect will be its final statement on the Bahijah livestock saga – for a while at least –

All livestock from the MV Bahijah have been discharged and taken by truck from Fremantle Port to appropriate premises in Western Australia.

Since 5 January 2024, total mortalities stand at 4 (0.18%) cattle and 64 (0.45%) sheep on board the MV Bahijah, which are below the reportable mortality levels, and 7 cattle and 6 sheep on land.

The next steps for the livestock are a commercial decision for the exporter.

We do wonder what happens with the livestock next?

We notice that as of this morning there are two livestock vessels in Fremantle Port, the Al Messilah – which has been in Port around 10 days now – and the Dareen, which arrived yesterday. Here they are together in Port this morning.

Wonder whether the sheep and cattle IN, will suddenly find new vessels to travel on and become the sheep and cattle OUT – again?

Just asking…

Btw, the Dareen was the very last ship to export live livestock from New Zealand before the New Zealand ban on the live export trade came into effect coming up two years ago.

By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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