Freo’s latest and greatest tourist attraction!

So, this fence-like, wall-like structure was erected in quick time yesterday on the old, derelict, soon-to-be redeveloped, Woolstores building’s Beach Street, Fremantle frontage. Is it: a Billposter preventer; a Graffiti controller; or just a brilliant Installation?

Have a look for yourself.

Must be just a brilliant installation, surely!

But what is it saying? Let us know when you work it out.

Or perhaps ask Adrian Fini, he’s bound to know!

What’s for sure, though, is that whatever it is, it’s bound to become Freo’s latest and greatest tourist attraction!

Update: Garry Gillard has solved the problem quick smart. Look on his Freotopia site for more on this Fremantle Biennale installation by Sam Bloor.

The words? We’ll, Garry says ‘Basically, depending on where you stand, it either reads THE ENSEMBLE SINGS A SIREN SONG … or … PULP AND WAX, FLESH TO BONE.’

Deep insights, for sure!

* Words and pics by Michael Barker


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