Freo’s historic Round House to be replaced by futuristic tower

It has been announced overnight that, due to its deteriorating condition and the estimated costs of its repairs and ongoing maintenance, the historic, heritage-listed, jewel of Fremantle, the Round House at Arthur’s Head, will be reduced to rubble and replaced with a futuristic tower.

Round House, Fremantle

While regretting the loss of the iconic Round House, Fremantle Mayor and Councillors, in a joint media statement released last night, said the gain of the futuristic tower, as well as the new nuclear power submarine base at nearby HMAS Stirling, were bound to become major Fremantle tourist attractions in the near term. The new futuristic tower was also hailed by the Future of Fremantle Committee which predicted it was likely to become THE iconic symbol of Freo for decades to come.

The new futuristic tower has been approved by the City of Fremantle under the little known AFD Act.

All that said, we here at the Shipping News expect that news of the new futuristic tower, an advance image of which we have received overnight embargoed until this morning, will be enthusiastically received by Freo folk near and far.

Here it is –

Do let us know what you think.

* By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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