Interview with Ron Waters – A Freo Person 94 Years On

Ronald Maxwell Waters turned 94 last Thursday.

He was born in 1929 in Parry Street, Fremantle.

Living with his parents and siblings, he grew up mainly in Oakover Street, East Fremantle. Before that the family were in Beaconsfield.

Ron has an amazing memory and a great eye for detail, especially when it comes to Old Freo, Old Easts, surviving the depression, living through World War 2, the infamous ‘Battle of Fremantle’, and playing footy.

When Ron left school, he was apprenticed at the State Engineering & Implements Works, and remembers machining parts for the submarines that came through Fremantle Port during the War.

He then worked for a number of years as an Engineeer on the Blue Funnel Line on its Singapore run.

Then he married and started a family that maintains their Freo connections to this day.

Ron worked as a charge engineer in power stations, which included the Bunbury and the East Perth Power Station. But while his work took him here and there, Fremantle always seems to have been close by.

Our editor, Michael Barker, was privileged to sit with Ron Waters to discuss his life and times and the old days in and around Fremantle.


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