Teslas, Sheep, Science, Stuff Happening!

Peter Hughes Drive into and around Victoria Quay, Fremantle Port is currently closed to regular Mums and Dads traffic because there’s so much trading going on!

For example, all these Teslas have just landed, no doubt to the pleasure of Tesla shareholders who must wonder these days whether Elon Musk has lost sight of his EV Tesla investment while he horses around with Twitter!

Rotto bound ferries like this one we snapped a few weeks back, are flat out getting holiday makers to the Island before the kids return to school

And the APL Boston, a container ship, is also busy loading on North Quay. Here she is arriving in Freo last March 2022. She’s recently in from Singapore and soon off to Adelaide.

As well, the livestock carrier Dareen is also tied up on the north side having recently arrived from Vietnam.

Dareen was built in 1994 in the Netherlands. She has sailed under other names including Reestborg and Thai Thaksina. Currently she sails under the flag of Panama, although owned and managed by Arab Shipmanagment, Aqaba, Jordan.

Also tied up at Victoria Quay near the Passenger Terminal, and a little hard to see fully, is the Japanese flagged Umitaka Maru.

Umitaka Maru is a Japanese research vessel from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. She is also described here and there as a fishing boat. Over some years now, she has been conducting research in the Southern Ocean, often in collaboration with Australian scientists. She is in from Tokyo and tomorrow sails for Hobart, where she has been a reasonably frequent visitor over the years.

The RV Investigator is tied up at Victoria Quay nearby Umitaka Maru.

The RV Investigator belongs to the CSIRO Marine National Facility and enables researchers to conduct research anywhere in Australia’s vast ocean estate to: undertake deep sea oceanography; map and study the geology of Australia’s marine estate; monitor and better understand our fisheries; and learn more about our weather patterns and large ocean processes.

The Investigator departs the day after tomorrow and, like the Umitaka Maru, is headed for Hobart. Quite possibly their scientists will be collaborating in the Southern Ocean as they seem to have done in the past.

So much happening!

* By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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