Last Jarrahdale walk of the season, BOOK NOW!

Why a comma?

Good question.

While you ponder that, ponder this too.

Jarrahdale in so many ways is just an extension of Fremantle. Lots of green minded people living in an idyllic setting eating organic food and wearing hats.

And like in Freo, you can walk places full of interest.

And like in Freo, they started out chopping down all their trees, sort of.

Well, next Saturday you can take the evening Jarrahdale Ghost Walk and learn all about it at the same time.

Here’s the detail.


Better still, phone Bernie and organise your group booking.

This is the last Jarrahdale walk of the season, so join in as so many Freo folk have already this season. It should be fun!

By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News

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