Soak & Plunge

This crazy, crazy Freo Festival 10 NIGHTS IN PORT event is already SOLD OUT! So, what’s it all about?

Soak, the outdoor elemental experience with a difference returns to the Fremantle Festival 10 NIGHTS IN PORT, bringing the comforts of a hot bath in winter’s cold embrace.

Patrons are invited to submerge, unwind and watch the world go by alongside our bold coastal landscape.

Credit Deanna Shanahan

This year, to extend the options for wild immersion, the Plunge has been introduced.

Plunge is inspired by travel stories, rugged landscapes and European naturist traditions. Plunge is a super fresh moment in time – a quick cool down from a warm soak. The immersion lasts seconds but is a refreshing jolt – for the body, mind and soul.

Plunge joins Soak on the raw winter coast of Fremantle. Between plunging and soaking bathers are invited to sit by the cool of the Indian Ocean and contemplate nature. Inspired by communal bathing and Nordic traditions the experience of moving between contrasting temperatures dates back over 2000 years. So, bring your bathers and prepare to be enlivened.

Refreshments, assorted lotions and treats are provided.

Soak has been bathing legacy since the Fremantle Festival embraced the winter wilds – originally presented as a creative collaboration led by the amazing local artist Jesse Lee.

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