What’s Happening Here – Gravel Road?

Now, we at Fremantle Shipping News love country roads, especially those well off the beaten track that have always been gravel and nothing else.

Well, in South Fremantle there is evident some country roads yearning.

For some time now there has been a not-so-subtle road conversion going on at the intersection of Marine Terrace and Jenkins Street.

We’ve been wondering, What’s Happening Here?

The old paved surface has given way to a rutted strip of broken brick and road base that is desperately seeking gravel.

Trouble is there’s no gravel in sight, and instead we have this totally broken surface that is difficult to drive on/over/through.

It’s really time for some road repairs, City of Freo. Proper gravel road or properly paved surface again. One or the other please!

* Words and photograph by Michael Barker, editor, Fremantle Shipping News

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