Freo’s Covid Testing Centre Gets Busy

At long last the Covid testing station in Queen Victoria Street, in the East End of Fremantle, on the old Youngs car sales site, most recently a City of Freo car parking station and opposite the popular Gesha coffee cafe, has seen steady business. Although like most of us, probably the testers wished it were otherwise.

Credit Frances Barns

Reports to Fremantle Shipping News advise that as a result of a teacher testing positive at Iona Presentation College Junior School in Mosman Park on Friday, some 200 primary school students have been required to be tested and to isolate for 14 days.

Today many of them and their families were queued in their cars outside the Freo testing station awaiting tests. At times the queue was snaking down Queen Victoria Street.

The consequence of this is that entire families are having to isolate for 14 days because there really is no way a primary school child can be expected to totally isolate on their own for such a period. The 200 or so, becomes many multiples that number. Suddenly mums and dads, and siblings, are having to isolate too.

So, this is the way of the future one suspects, unless the Premier, Mr McGowan and the authorities concerned decide to navigate another course, including by altering the isolation rules.

It has to be said that a rigid lockdown of hundreds of kids and their families, especially if the phenomenon becomes widespread across the metropolitan area of Perth, is unlikely to be sustainable and certainly will test the patience of all.

Let’s see what develops.

* By Michael Barker, editor

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