Impact100 Fremantle – Part of something bigger

As we have recently reported, Impact100 Fremantle 2024 is well underway.

In this article, the great folk at Impact100 Fremantle explain the Impact100 concept and the application and assessment process that leads to Award Night where the all important grant of $100,000 is made to the successful Freo-connected charity.

Why don’t you and your friends become a donor today and help decide the winner!

For many Shipping News readers, Impact100 Fremantle might be something ‘new’ on your radar.

We’re a local version of an international movement which has been operating for over 20 years. Starting out in the USA in 2001, the Impact100 model has grown to cover 27 of their states and into the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Each location is known as a “chapter”, with 72 chapters in existence. Australia has 9 chapters, with Western Australia leading the way with 3 chapters – Fremantle, WA, and Arts Impact).

The model everywhere is the same simple one that Impact100 Fremantle operates under. At least 100 donors each donate $1000 to create a significant grant of $100,000 to a local charity. At Impact100 Fremantle we try to raise a little bit more, to be able to provide $5000 to the other 3 finalists.

The Impact100 movement is also consistent across the globe in the five major areas supported. These are Arts & Culture; Education; Family; Health & Wellness; and Environment, Preservation & Recreation.

Each chapter also defines the geographical area in which it operates. Impact100 Fremantle focuses on charities providing services within the Federal Electoral Seat of Fremantle, which, curious fact for a future quiz night, includes Wadjemup/Rottnest Island.

Across all the global chapters, over $123 million USD has been provided by locals caring for their communities. Impact100 Fremantle was the first Australian chapter, with over $1.1 million AUD in grants provided to local charities. Pensacola, Florida in the USA is one of the largest chapters with over 1200 donors in 2024, providing 12 significant grants totalling over $1.2M USD in one year!

The Impact100 Fremantle process is fairly simple. We invite charities to submit a project for the $100K grant. A long-list of charities is created, where the charity and Impact100 Fremantle donors get to know each other beyond the submitted project by having site visits. These are great events! If donors are interested in attending, they get to meet other donors, meet the people in the charities doing their great work and the people they support.

Once the site visits are completed, donors vote on who will be the four finalists. Impact100 Fremantle provides coaching to the finalists, as on the Award Night, where they present their pitch to the gathered donors. Once all the pitches are done, donors vote, mingle with each other and representatives from the finalists. Counting then happens there and then and, on the same night, the grants are awarded.

Every donor has an equal voice and vote in the process. It’s simple, very democratic and effective. Giving to your community in this collaborative manner, is not only good for the community but also for you. It brings you closer to the community and, as the psychologists would say, does wonders for you at a deeper level!

Joining Impact100 Fremantle is easy. Google us or go to this link to make your donation today!

For more info, and how to donate, head here!


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