Love Is In The Air – An ‘ODE TO HANNAH’

We here at the Shipping News didn’t realise just how large the very Freo Tribe of Anon is.

Yet another pome, can’t call it a poem, doggerel is entirely accurate, has arrived in our inbox from Anon.

Perhaps Tribe members could, a la email addresses, name themselves Anon_01 etc.

Anyway, that small editorial complaint aside, here’s the latest, inspired obviously by Hannah Fitzhardinge’s ascendency into the office of Freo Mayor.


The contest was fierce
But you could see it comin’
A three to one chance it would be a woman

And it came to pass
A woman of stature
Try as they may, no-one could matcher

Facing her foes
Their barbs laden with inference
Fending them off with calm indifference

So what might she may bring to her role?
That we may savour
This woman Hannah — a name meaning ‘favour’

By Anon

* This article, but not the Ode, was written by Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping New