Interview with Gretta Little, Musician et al

So, how do we describe Freo person, Gretta Little?

Credit Linda Dunjey Photography. Gretta Little & Warren Hall, The Rosemary Beads, 2017

Well, perhaps in this staccato way –
* Quintessential 90s Indie ‘Rock Chick’
* Mean bass guitarist
* Singer
* Songwriter
* Recording artist especially with The Rosemary Beads
* Band member
* Partner of a Doctor of History who’s also a musician
* Mother of twins
* And somehow – not sure when she got the time to become this – a Clinical Psychologist running her own practice, and playing gigs on the side.

A very Freo story, on reflection.

And it’s a great story.

Talented music kid. Insisted on going beyond the piano and double bass. Learned the base guitar. Joined a band. Gained notoriety with Charlotte’s Web. Even more so with The Rosemary Beads. Observed the whole ‘Sex Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll’, exciting music industry thing. Retired from the full time scene at the tender age of 25!

Gretta (yes, her mother gave her two Ts!) kindly agreed to sit down with our editor, Michael Barker to discuss all this, the meaning of life, and more.

Put in the earbuds, turn up the volume, and enjoy a great story!