What’s Happening Here – A Couple Sea Containers?

Freo. The Port. The fab container ships. Sea containers. All colours.

Why not encourage their use?

B&Bs perhaps? Pop up shops? Simple sculptures? Children’s playgrounds? Small container village?

The possibilities are endless!

Here’s some sea containers on a Little Lefroy facing block in South Fremantle with a street address of 2 Chester Street. Just behind a lovely new house at 2 Chester that fronts Chester.

Perhaps it’s just a new building block? Sort of looks like it with builder’s fencing on the Little Lefroy frontage.

Anyway, there’s a planning application just lodged for the ‘unauthorised sea containers’. Note that the image below that accompanies the notification of this planning application is not an actual representation of the site in question, but simply a generic one including sea containers. The photograph above shows the site as it actually is as of today.