Still Just The Blue CAT?

On Wednesday 17 March 2021, the Strategic Planning and Transport Committee of the Ciy of Fremantle received a report from the Manager Strategic Planning on a review of the CAT bus situation. Here’s the Report.

We all love the CAT bus idea. Before covid we had the Blue and the Red CAT running on good, fast loops. After covid we were reduced to the Blue CAT alone, on a reduced frequency basis – around every 20 minutes.

The review just concluded, shorn of all the formal language, says that the post-covid situation should continue for the foreseeable future because the City can’t afford to return to the pre covid situation; that it’s unlikely to find external funding sources to help out; that the community reception of an additional special rate to pay for the old service is unknown; and we have little data generally on who catches, or would catch, the buses and why – especially in the absence of overseas and interstate tourists.

So there you go!

What do you think?

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