Seen In … Behind The Scenes @ RCS

In the Seen In … feature on Fremantle Shipping News we bring you photographic essays of events and happenings in and roundabout Freo. Colour and movement is the order of the day. Enjoy!

Kirsty Greenland was at Cottesloe Beach last Saturday at the start of the Rottnest Channel Swim. She arrived at 5:30, before the crack of dawn, but was struggling a bit with getting any photos of the action until the glorious morning light, that you see in the gallery of her photographs below, made its way onto the beach. While the swim itself is a spectacular sight – particularly the flotilla that stretches all the way to Rottnest Island – Kirsty just loves looking for those more intimate, behind-the-scenes moments. So she studied the spectators and the swimmers to produce this series of spectacular photographs for Fremantle Shipping News. Thanks for sharing Kirsty.

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