Seen In …Freo, Freedom Dancing

Shmone, a live sax player, is determined to bring joy to the world.

On Saturday just gone, 20 February 2021, he and an enthusiastic entourage found their way through the streets of Fremantle sparking a spontaneous ‘dance of freedom’.

It all started in front of the giant ferris wheel in Esplanade Park before moving to the Old Shanghai eatery in Henderson Street.

There Shmone commenced a “busking show” inviting passing strangers to join in. Very Freo.

From there a veritable flashmob went on a dancing adventure through Fremantle ‘spreading joy and awesome dance moves’, as Shmone put it, before finishing up at Bathers Beach for a debrief and a final hug.

These fab street photographs, taken by Freo’s apex street photographer, Roger Garwood, capture the day perfectly!

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