Lawyers in Love

Jackson Browne’s epic 1983 album, with this same title, received popular and critical acclaim.

Lawyers, of course, were rapt. They loved it.

The album may also have lifted the public‘s estimation of lawyers too. After all, if lawyers are capable of being ‘in love’, then they may possibly, just possibly, be human.

But then again, do we really want our lawyers to be human?

All that said, we’re not sure anyone really got what JB’s lead track,
Lawyers in Love, was all about.

What do you make of these lyrics, for example?

The Russians escaped while we weren’t watching them
like Russians will
Now we’ve got all this room, we’ve even got the moon
And I hear the USSR will be open soon
As vacation land for lawyers in love
Lawyers in love
Lawyers in love

We rest our case for lyrical confusion.

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