At last – Construction starts on Fremantle Line bike path extension

Work to extend the Fremantle Line Principal Shared Path (PSP) from Grant Street Station to Victoria Street Station, Cottesloe started earlier in the year and is not far from finished.

The project is designed to fix the notorious Grant Street dead end in Cottesloe.

It is all part of the McGowan Government’s commendable $134 million investment in cycling infrastructure in this term of government.

The contract to build the project from Grant Street to Victoria Street was awarded to family owned, Perth-based company Keslake Group Pty Ltd.

As you drive along Curtin Avenue you can’t miss the work on the western side of the railway line.

The construction of the 2.8 kilometre section of PSP will be part of a completely off-road continuous connection from the Perth central business district to Fremantle, catering to not only Town of Cottesloe residents but the wider Perth community and visitors to the State.

The project will also feature a bicycle counter, new lighting, way finding signs, pavement markings and landscaping to complement the four-metre-wide PSP, which will provide ample space for all path users to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

Following completion of this PSP quite soon, the design and construction of the remaining sections between Victoria Street Station and North Fremantle Station will be progressed. It seems it will all be finished around 2020/21.

The map shows the PSP pathway from Grant Street to North Fremantle.