Kings Square Taking Shape

Photos by Deanna Shanahan and MB

Have you wandered by Kings Square lately?

You can begin to feel how it will be when finished, although there is still a little way to go.

Leaving aside the debate over its genesis, funding and design, you can begin to see that the Square may become the big piazza many have hoped for, a true centre to the old City that the City’s original planners had hoped for.

The detachment of the old administration building from the Town Hall has already had the double effect of reminding us of of the beauty of the Town Hall and emphasising the land area that was once covered by the admin building.

Presently, when you stand in the walkway between  St John’s Church and the Town Hall, you can enjoy an open vista stretching behind you, west, all the way down High Street to the Roundhouse, and then in front of you, east, up High Street towards Monument Hill. It is quite lovely!

One also senses the nearby Mall will be further regenerated once Kings Square is finished. The Culley’s Tearoom remake has already started that process.

These photos show how things are looking and progressing at the moment.

If you’d like to read more about how it should all look and function when complete, look here.