Plastic Coated Fruit & Veg – Save us!

Have you seen how much fruit and vegetable produce is wrapped and packed in plastic? We at FSN prefer to buy fresh local organic produce from farmers’ markets, but when we go to our local specialist Green Grocers shops, many take our choice away by wrapping preselected quantities in metres of plastic!

Perhaps it’s a less-than-clever way to force us to buy more than we would otherwise select, but we object!

We don’t want to take home and have to dispose of unwanted foam trays and cling wrap, we just want to buy what we need.

We notice that New Zealanders, who are ahead of we Aussies in so many ways, are now moving to eradicate plastic wrapping in most cases. Reports suggest that the sales of some vegetables have soared by up to 300% as a result.

We think it is time for our Green Grocers to follow suit!