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Exhibition and public lecture series – NowHere: the Decisive Moment
A photographic exhibition at the Staircase Gallery in the National Hotel, Fremantle, running from 20 February to 20 May will…
Ferrying into Freo
As you come downstream into Freo's inner harbour - the Port - from East Freo way, you encounter the old railway bridge and then find your way into the Port. Enjoy this photographic journey created by our intrepid David Smyth. 
Almost Heaven – Marine Terrace From Cliff Street to Douro Road
26 February 2019. Another day in Freo. People out and about. Some possibly working. A few layabouts. The odd student. Walkers. Cars, bikes, trucks, buses. Train. All imbued with the sea air on the South Westerly! No sign of Trump.
Sharon Shannon Shoots 2019 Fenian Festival Into Orbit
What a night of fast and furious trad Irish music from Sharon Shannon and Friends at the John Curtin Performing…
Another beautiful day in Freo!
The sun is out, the sky is blue, the Tuarts in White Gum Valley sort of quiver and sway. (With…
Kwongkan (Sand) – Review
Halfway through Kwongkan (Sand), last night - the final night of this Perth Festival co-commission world premiere - it came…
Freo Waking Up
Today is a perfect day. Warm. Visitors in town. The Port humming. Here are some early morning shots by our talented photographer, Deanna Shanahan.
Sea Shepherd Australia – Marine Debris Campaign
Yesterday morning at Bathers Beach in Perth, Western Australia, around 100 people joined Sea Shepherd Austalia's Marine Debris Campaign and…
Kwongkan journeys from ancient cultures, through the present and into a future where the next generation struggles to save the…
Coastline at Shark Bay
Shark Bay: A World Heritage Site at catastrophic risk
The devastating bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 and 2017 rightly captured the world’s attention. But what’s less…

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