Jim Ryan – Great Grandson of Captain George Anthony of the Catalpa

Get onboard at the Maritime Museum, Fremantle to hear this ‘one-off’ story from a direct descendant of Captain George Anthony – Jim Ryan of New Bedford USA. His account will feature personal photos and Catalpa memorabilia.

In 1876 a daring rescue took place from the beach at Rockingham. Six Irish political prisoners, Fenians, escaped from Fremantle Prison to be whisked away on an American Whaling ship, the Catalpa.

It’s the most amazing local story that hasn’t yet become a Hollywood blockbuster. The escape was played out in Fremantle, Bunbury and Rockingham.

It involved…

  •  an American in Fremantle posing as a rich investor
  •  a crowd funding scheme to buy a whaling boat
  •  an around the world voyage
  •  a brave Captain who believed in ‘doing the right thing’.

WA Maritime Museum – NW Shipping Theatre
2 pm Saturday 28 July 2018
Entry by Donation ($10 Appreciated)
Eventbrite – Catalpa Talk or info@feniansfestival.com.au