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One Day In Fremantle – The Great Date Debate!
Last Sunday, 28 January 2018, saw the City of Fremantle promote, for the second year running, a celebration of Australia on a date close to, but alternative to, the formal celebration of Australia Day on 26 January. As in 2017, people again turned out in droves to The Esplanade to mark the occasion.
Seen at the Peace Boat Welcome
We at FSN love the port and love that Fremantle is an active port city, so to have the Peace Boat (A Japanese cruiseship which travels the world promoting global friendship and nuclear disarmament) docked at Victoria Quay was an exciting event for us.
A modern and united Australia must change the date
Increased momentum around changing the date of Australia Day reflects a growing sense that January 26 is symbolic of the Australia we used to be, not the Australia we hope to become.
Interview with Diane Niyati
Fairy godmothers are not that easy to find, but Fremantle has its own resident fairy godmother - Diane Niyati. Hear Diane tell her story about what makes her, and Freo people, tick. This is recommended listening for Fremantle People of all ages.
Seen at the Feast
FSN was delighted to attend the ‘Feast of the Wild Goose’ held at the Fremantle Town Hall. A banquet of primal cooking and fine wines. Entertainment by the ‘Rogues’ got everyone up on the dance floor. A wonderful way to end the hugely successful Fenians, Fremantle and Freedom Festival.
Seen with the Descendants
FSN loved taking part in the Commemoration Ceremony and Walk of the Descendants to Fremantle Prison on Wednesday 10 January, as part of the Fenians Fremantle & Freedom Festival, to mark the 150 year anniversary of the arrival of the Hougoumont, the last convict ship to Australia
Cruise Ships Come to Town
The harbour has been a particularly lively scene today with three cruise ships in together at Victoria Quay.
The Escape of the Military Fenians from Fremantle Prison: the warders’ perspective
The tale of the Catalpa, the American whaler which carried off six of the remaining military Fenian prisoners from Fremantle Prison on Easter Monday 1876, and the effect of the escape on the prison officers concerned.
NEWS FLASH! Hougoumont Day Descends!
On 10 January 1868 - exactly 150 years ago tomorrow - those on board the Hougoumont, which had sailed into Fremantle from Portsmouth, England, today 150 years ago, disembarked. Imagine the ship sailing into the harbour today, replete with 108 passengers and 279 convicts including 62 Fenian political prisoners.
Seen at the Festival launch
FSN loved being invited to the launch of the ‘Fenians Fremantle and Freedom Festival’ held at Kidogo. A little taste before a bumper ‘Seen’ of photos from Festival events next week. Pour your Guinness and stay tuned...