Interview with Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan is an amazing combo of energy, both musical and ‘impresarial’ (we are allowed to invent new adjectives on FSN). 

He’s a very thoughtful guy who’s plainly driven to make music happen in Perth – especially in Freo. He still plays in his popular band Adam Said Galore. He founded Cool Perth Nights. And he influences tastes and trends as a presenter on RTR-FM; programming bands at the Rosemount in North Perth; and as a co-owner of the amazing, WAMI award winning Mojo’s in North Freo. The Mojo Rising Band Comp 2017, underway at Mojo’s right now, is emblematic of the nature of his vision and his enthusiasm for local music. 

Andrew has clear opinions on where his industry is headed, opinions he’s thankfully not prepared to hide! If you’re interested in any way in local music in the here and now, this is one interview you must TURN ON, TURN UP, AND TAKE IN! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, FSN is pleased to introduce (drum roll) …Andrew Ryan!