The Mayoral Interview | Brad v Ra – Ra v Brad

Last night FSN interviewed the candidates for Fremantle Mayor at a public meeting at The Esplanade Hotel, Freo.

We asked them 8 questions:

  1. What is your background and connection to the Fremantle area?
  2. What, at a personal level, do you love about living in Fremantle?
  3. What are your key plans for Freo if elected Mayor?
  4. What significant Council decisions over the past few years would you continue to support, or change?
  5. What is the future of One Day in Fremantle?
  6. What are the main issues for residents outside the Freo CBD?
  7. Where do you stand on development in the CBD, and beyond?
  8. So, in conclusion, what’s your vision of Fremantle in 5-10 years. 

Their answers can be heard in the audio that follows.

Question 1 begins at 00.31; Q2 at 04.30 ; Q3 at 07.50; Q4 at 20.20; Q5 at 24.50; Q6 at 30.44; Q7 at 37.36; and Q8 at 48.12 .

We thank the candidates for their willingness to participate and their openness. 

We also thank The Esplanade for kindly making the space for the interview available.

We hope you find the interview interesting.