Seen in Freo

Seen at the Fremantle Arts Festival – Part 2
No doubt it's obvious by now how much we at FSN love Fremantle and this past weekend at the 2018 Fremantle International Street Arts festival, we discovered that street performers from all around the world also LOVE our port city.
Seen at the Fremantle Arts Festival – Part 3
According to many performers it is THE festival to perform, a most sort after gig world wide, due to the enthusiastic 'Freo' response they receive! FSN were on the streets capturing the fun and fabulousness of this extraordinary event.
Seen at our favourite place
It’s no secret, we just love everything about Freo Port! Here are a few snaps taken on our daily visits and adventures…
Seen at the Port to Pub
FSN headed to Leighton Beach as the sun was rising, to soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the Port to Pub swim. The excitement was palpable, the organisation of the event, First class. Now off to have some swimming lessons, for the 2019 swim!
Seen at the cafe
Cafe culture in Fremantle is alive and as strong as your ‘short black’. FSN has been reflecting on how special our cafes are. Have a flick through our gallery, then head out the door!
Seen cycling
FSN loves the City of Fremantle’s ‘Free wheeling initiative’, in fact our photographers are regularly ‘Seen’ heading to the Port on their bikes.
Seen at the Relay
FSN attended the fabulous community celebration for the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay. It included a Welcome to Country by Len Collard, music by the Lost Quays, and a chat with some of the baton bearers before the baton arrived (by jet ski!) from Rottnest.
Seen at the Art Centre
FSN spent another Sunday afternoon under the plane trees in the courtyard of the Fremantle Art Centre being thoroughly entertained this week by Reunion Island's Kiltir.
Seen at Laneway Festival
FSN had an amazing time at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Gorgeous people in attendance to see a lineup of incredible musicians. It was a live music experience like no other! Here are a few snaps.

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