Seen in Freo

Seen with the Pirates on the Duyfken
It was Pirate Day on the Duyfken on the 23rd. FSN spent the afternoon with some rather rascally, swashbuckling pirates. Buckets of fun!
Seen at Freo Markets
First day of Spring and a visit to the Freo markets. FSN was there to soak up the Friday afternoon fun. What a joy!
Seen under the Rainbow
FSN was delighted to spend the evening at this simply wonderful, colourful event under the Rainbow!
Seen at the Ball and Chain
On Saturday night FSN attended the long awaited ‘Best Beard of 2017’ Some great people with crumb catchers, chin curtains, marvellous mo’s and mutton chops filled the room. It was a Hoot!
Seen at Stackwood Winter Markets
What a delight it was to attend the ‘Made Local Winter Market’. More than 25 stalls selling locally made gifts and wares. Great people, location and atmosphere at Stackwood in White Gum Valley.
Seen at Smart Casual
FSN attended the PAY ME: Curtin Fine Art Fundraiser held at Smart Casual inside MANY 2.0 Incredible work from students completing the Fine Art degree as well as the work of Academic Staff. It was a joy to be there!
Seen at ArtEx 2017
On Friday night FSN attended the ArtEx 2017 Opening night. It was held in the B Shed at the Fremantle Port, and as you know this is one of FSN’s favourite places. Great people, Great art, Loads of fun!
Seen out and about
Winter has definitely arrived here this past week but it never deters those who love all things Freo to venture out. So FSN followed suit and found some happy generous people who were more than willing to have their photo taken, from Fremantle Ports, Friday jazz on High Street and the always lovely Growers Green market.
Seen at the Esplanade ‘Happy hour’
On a wild winter’s Friday night FSN was delighted to attend the ‘Fremantle Office Happy Hour’ for local businesses. It was held in the warmth of the Esplanade Hotel. We were able to get a few snaps of some really nice people!

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